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Article published in Dining Out Magzine from The great restaurants of Miami Summer 2006 issue.

Article published in Neighbors section of The Miami Herald Februray 12, 2006 edition.

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Rated excellent on the Zagat Survey 2003-2008

Top rated for food in Miami by Zagat in ’09!


Rated "Best Indian Restaurant" in both 2002 and 2003 Miami New Times


``My favorite is an Indian place called Imlee; I always get my dishes extra spicy."

Tony Dandrades - Univisión Host

"Excellent food! I came all the way from W.I . for this, and I was not disappointed! "

Lena Etuk - Madison, Wisconsin

"This food reminds me of my mother's cooking back in our mountain village in Kashmir "

Popat Patel - Miami, Florida

"I love the atmosphere and decor inside Imlee. As tropical and wonderful as Miami is, I am transported to somewhere even more exotic the moment I walk into the restaurant. The space is small but very comfortable with a friendly feel. I am also very impressed by the freshness of the food and the clean kitchen. The food is fantastic. There are many spicy and new dishes for me to choose from as someone who is not that familiar with Indian food but I must admit my absolute favorite things to eat at Imlee are some of the simple dishes. For example the basmati rice! It is cooked perfectly and has a wonderful spicy and nutty flavor. Another favorite of mine is the fresh cooked naan bread. It comes to the table hot and chewy right from the tandoor and works perfectly for soaking up all the delicious sauce."

Lily Ng - Pinecrest, Florida

"As a restaurant manager I was impressed with the service and presentation. Keep it up. "

Conrad Palmer - Miami, Florida

"You have a wonderful spot here, the food was super delicious, and the price is reasonable. I will definitely come back with friends. Also the service was friendly and charming. Please don't ever lose your magic touch."

Layaan Al Kharusi - Miami, Florida

"Found this place through the internet on a search for "the best indian restaurant in Miami" and I was not disappointed!!"

Duncan and Kaylene Campba- New Zealand

"You are awesome! Imlee catered our wedding! We love you guys but you need a bigger space!! Thanks."

Esther and Omar Clemetson - Miami, Florida

"Cozy and relaxing. As a vegetarian, I have a lot of choices. The spices are fantastic."

David Johnson - Miami, Florida

"This was the first time I ever had Indian food and it was all great! We will definitely come back! "

Michelle Hatam - Miami, Florida

"I heard about Imlee through the Zagat Survey. Excellent food, fun and service. This is some of the best Indian food that we have ever had. We will visit during our future trips to Florida. Thank you! "

Dr. Harold Pierre, MD. - Genks, Oklahoma

"Food is excellent-fresh and prepared fresh for each customer. Please maintain your high standards. It was a pleasure to enjoy true indian food! "

Jessica Roman - Miami, Florida

"Excellent! We came all the way from London and this food in miami is even better!."

Alfonso Gonzalez - Palmetto Bay, Florida

"Terrific service and food. Everything was delicious, hot and served to the table quickly. One of the most enjoyable dining out experiences we have ever had. Thank you! "

Jesse Scheckner and Ashley Wordoful - Miami, Florida

"We have had great experiences eating out before, but it was so good last night that we came back again tonight! Thank you! "

Hal and Tricia Kurz - Miami, Florida

"The room is beautiful - colors, lighting, music, - the wait staff- attentive, efficient and knowledgeable. Food- fabulous-a taste "explosion - dishes prepared beautifully and served artfully- we will be back."

Joy Kahn - Miami, Florida

"Perfect! Upscale classy food. The chef is a true artist. The best service in town. Best of wishes."

Claudia - Pinecrest, Florida

"We traveled from Aventura to have the BEST Indian food in town!! We love it here! When are you guys going to move into a bigger space?? We would follow you anywhere! "

Lilliana Torres - Miami, Florida

"We came here several years ago when you guys first opened. Now that we are back, we are so happy you are still here and have came so far. This is a beautiful place with delicious food. "

Vanee Procharon - Miami, Florida

"The food was amazing!!! Great ambiance. Everything was absolutely excellent. More introduction to Indian cuisine for beginners. Everything was great! "

Melanie Figueroa - Homestead, Florida

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